CocktailsNewsThe Indonesian Mule by Stijn Fisher

Pairs perfectly with Gado Gado

Two professionals from the restaurant and bar industry, Stijn Fisher and Branco Bolsius, are the driving force behind Dik & Schil, a company dedicated to sustainability. They collect coffee grounds and orange peels to craft their own unique liquors.

Their vision is to create a circular production chain where waste products become raw materials. Frustrated by the fact that 30% of food and drinks are wasted despite being rich in nutrients and flavor, they decided to act. Dik & Schil now produces a range of circular spirits, including gin, Orangello, coffee liqueur, and more.

Stijn and Branco not only manage the production of their spirits but also host events, workshops, and catering services through Dik & Schil. One standout creation is Stijn’s Indonesian Mule, a cocktail that has become popular at the many events they attend. Stijn generously shared the recipe with us.

About Stijn Fischer
“I’m a bartender and the owner of Dik & Schil, where we create circular spirits from leftover ingredients. The gin in this cocktail is made from leftover spices like kaffir leaves, shiso leaves, and cardamom leaves, which complement the pandan leaves in Bandoeng22. This cocktail was born during a dinner with friends and pairs perfectly with Gado Gado, which also features kaffir leaves.

My journey in bartending began during the COVID-19 lockdowns, experimenting with different flavor combinations over dinners with friends. This cocktail pairs wonderfully with various foods, especially Indonesian dishes, which I love!”

Method for preparing Stijn’s Indonesian Mule:
Put 3 slices of cucumber in the shaker and muddle slightly.
Fill the shaker with ice cubes and add the gin, liqueur and lime.
Shake to incorporate all the flavours.
Strain into a high glass over ice and top off with ginger beer.
Garnish the cocktails with thin cucumber slices.

40ml (1.0 oz) Dik&Schil Circulaire Gin
20ml (0.5 oz) Bandoeng22
20ml (0.5 oz) Lime juice


Stijn Fisher co-owner of Dik & Schil

Bandoeng’22 Pandan liqueur is an Award Winning Premium Liqueur, made in The Netherlands
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