CocktailsNewsThe Wildhawk Espresso Martini by Joe Ralls

A San Francisco Esma

Last month, we traveled to America with the purpose of meeting our distributor and assisting them in promoting our beverage to their customers during our brief visit.

While in San Francisco, we had the opportunity to explore various bars and restaurants. Our experience at Wildhawk was particularly noteworthy, as they eagerly experimented with BD22, concocting a total of 18 cocktails featuring our liqueur! Among the talented mixologists at the bar was Joe Ralls, whom we approached to craft a cocktail utilizing Bandoeng’22. His interpretation led to his version of the Espresso Martini.

The Espresso Martini is a luxurious blend of vodka, coffee liqueur, and espresso. Its inception dates back to the 1980s when it was created by Dick Bradsell in London, UK. The harmonious pairing of vodka and espresso yields a rich, indulgent, and creamy libation, providing a much-needed energy boost after a hectic day.

Wildhawk, characterized by its spirited, lively, and slightly bohemian ambiance, thrives with a diverse cast of characters, including Head Birds, Marguerite & Suzu, and a team of seasoned bartenders who excel in both the art of hospitality and cocktail craftsmanship. For more information about Wildhawk bar, please visit their website.

Joe Ralls, a dedicated bartender at Wildhawk bar in San Francisco, brings four years of bartending experience to his craft. Additionally, Joe is a professional dancer and model. For further insights into his work, you can follow him on Instagram.

Here is the method for preparing Joe Ralls’ Espresso Martini:
Begin by preparing a fresh shot of espresso, which can be served hot.
Fill a shaker with ice cubes.
Add the freshly brewed espresso, vodka, Bandoeng’22 liqueur, and syrup to the shaker.
Shake the mixture vigorously until a frost layer forms on the shaker. Be sure to shake briskly and briefly to prevent dilution.
Strain the cocktail into a pre-chilled martini glass or coupe, omitting the ice.
Garnish the cocktail with two drops of bitters for added complexity.
Optionally, adorn the glass with three coffee beans for an aesthetic touch.

45 ml (1.5 oz) St. George Vodka
30 ml (1 oz) Espresso
20 ml (0.5 oz) of Bandoeng’22 Pandan Liqueur
8 ml (0.25 oz) Demerara syrup
2 drops of Chocolate Bitter

Joe Ralls, bartender at Wildhawk San Francisco, US

Bandoeng’22 Pandan liqueur is an Award Winning Premium Liqueur, made in The Netherlands
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