NewsUS Westcoast trip report 2024

Bandoeng’22 goes USA

Last month, we journeyed to America to meet with the representatives of Pacific Edge (PE), our distributors for the states of Washington and California, among others. The purpose of our trip was to forge personal connections with the PE team, narrate our Bandoeng’22 story, and assist them in promoting our drink during our brief visit.

Stop 01 Seattle
Seattle, nestled in the northwest of the US, stands as the largest city in the state of Washington, necessitating a lengthy flight of over ten hours for us Dutch travelers. Renowned for its prosperity, Seattle owes much to the presence of corporate giants like Boeing, Microsoft,, and Expedia.

Our exploration of Seattle extended beyond the city itself, with Sean and Michael from PE guiding us through Ballard, Bothell, Greenwood, and Tacoma. Our days began with visits to liquor stores and supermarkets, followed by afternoons spent in bars and restaurants.

At The Cottage, Ruby, and Greater Good, we introduced our product to enthusiastic audiences. Bar Ruby had already embraced Bandoeng’22, featuring a popular pandan cocktail on their menu. Meanwhile, Greater Good was inspired by our visit to add a BD22 cocktail to their upcoming menu.

Our first day concluded at the Stampede Cocktail Club, where we hosted our inaugural event. Three delightful Bandoeng’22 cocktails delighted attendees, fostering engaging conversations with our PE hosts.

The second day saw us exploring Tacoma’s cocktail scene, visiting establishments like Devils Reef, Wooden City, McCmenamins Elk’s Temple, and Manuscript. The enthusiasm for novel flavors, exemplified by our pandan liqueur, was palpable and promising.

We capped off the day with an ‘Asian food and cocktails’ experience at Tyger Tyger in downtown Seattle, indulging in five BD22 cocktails and concluding with dangerously delicious mescal – BD22 shots.


Stop 02 San Francisco
San Francisco, characterized by its iconic hills, exudes a laid-back vibe distinct from other American cities. Boasting a high quality of life and a culture of tolerance, San Francisco has experienced economic prosperity fueled by its computer and internet industries.

Our visit, guided by Melanie and Gavin from PE, spanned both San Francisco and the East Bay region. In SF, we frequented establishments like Burma Love, Barrelhead, Blue Whale, and Wildhawk, where our pandan liqueur was met with enthusiasm and experimentation.

In the East Bay, we explored Berkeley, Kensington, and Oakland, forming connections with restaurants such as North Light, Almond & Oak, East Bay Spice Company, Co Nam, and Pizzaiolo. The resonance with our product was particularly strong at East Bay Spice Company, where our shared history in the herb trade fostered an immediate connection.


Stop 03 Los Angeles
Los Angeles, the second largest city in the US, is characterized by vast distances and a diverse population. Guided by Reid and Scott from PE, our brief visit focused on the west and north Los Angeles regions, encompassing visits to shops, restaurants, and bars.

Our encounters at stores like Cap n Cork and Bar Keeper were met with enthusiastic responses to our pandan liqueur. In restaurants such as Mirate, The Little Door, and Piccalilli, we found a receptive audience eager to embrace new flavors, particularly within the context of Asian cuisine and cocktails.

On our second day in LA, we went to Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank and Highland Park where we visited Remedy Liquor (liquor store), Vendome (liquor store), Granville (restaurant), Broken Compass (tiki bar) and Highly Likely (restaurant). The shops visited are large with an even wider range of drinks. The restaurants/bars differ in design, but all are enthusiastic about our liqueur.


Reflecting on our journey through these two states, we’ve observed a genuine curiosity for new flavors and a receptiveness to experimentation. The synergy between Asian cuisine and cocktails provides a fertile ground for Bandoeng’22, and our time spent with the PE team has strengthened our belief in their ability to tell our story effectively and drive sales.

Let’s keep the orders coming and continue this exciting journey together.

Bandoeng’22 Pandan liqueur is an Award Winning Premium Liqueur, made in The Netherlands
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