NewsBandoeng’22 at Gin & Rum Festival 2024

Ready for cocktails with our pandan liqueur?

Since 2020 the Gin & Rum Festival has been a yearly event in the Netherlands, where the consumers can taste more than 100 different gins and rums. They can meet the brands and the product owners, drink cocktails, dance at the silent disco, do workshops and much more.

As a Dutch brand we love to stay in contact with our Dutch audience and this year we will be attending the festival and serving cocktails with our pandan liqueur. It is such a fun way to meet consumers and talk about our product and brand. We get feedback from the visitors of the festival and meet other brand owners as well.

The Gin & Rum Festival takes place in several major cities in the Netherlands and this year The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam are the places to be. The locations are always exceptional and bring a unique vibe to the party.

Upcoming weekend the festival will be held in De Grote Kerk’ (The big church) on Saturday 13th of April. All attending brands bring their own bar. Bandoeng’22 will be serving cocktails at ours and we even give a workshop called ‘The flavor of Asia’. A workshop sets around the topic Pandan.

The Gin & Rum Festival Special Edition Utrecht in ‘De Werkspoorkathedraal’ (Work track cathedral) is on 11th of May and on the 25th May the festival will be in Rotterdam at ‘De Laurenskerk’ (Church of Laurens)

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