NewsPandan liqueur with the name Bandoeng’22

Pandan liqueur with the name Bandoeng’22 Pandan Liqueur

Bandoeng22 Pandan Liqueur is the world’s first liqueur with pandan. Our liqueur can be used to make innovative cocktails and can be perfectly combined with Asian-inspired dishes. But why the name Bandoeng?

In the first half of the previous century, the city of Bandung was known as the “Paris of Java”

Bandung (old spelling: Bandoeng) is the capital of the province of West Java on the Indonesian island of Java. In the years between 1920 and 1940 the city was laid out as a garden city, with many green avenues and parks. Since a relatively large proportion of Dutch people from higher society, many buildings have been built in the then modern style of Frank Lloyd Wright. In that period the city got the name “Paris of Java” because of the urban beauty and the famous shopping street, the Bragaweg with the most modern fashion shops for that time.

We were inspired by the 1920s, which was characterized by, among other things, distinct styles such as Art Deco, Jazz, cocktail parties and the stories we heard from grand parents about this time and place, because at that time Bandung was the entertainment area of ​​Java.

Because of the Art Deco style and the personal relationship that Fajar Ramadhany and Marc Pieplenbosch have with Java, the name Bandoeng was chosen. We honor the original spelling! And the ‘22… that of course refers to the 20s!

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Bandoeng’22 Pandan liqueur is an Award Winning Premium Liqueur, made in The Netherlands
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