NewsPandan a new foodtrend

Will pandan become a new food trend?

In Asian cuisine they use the leaves as a seasoning. The sweet vanilla-like flavor is easy to use in desserts and other dishes. According to celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, pandan is the new matcha (green tea from Japan, which is also used in dishes) and according to others even the new avocado.

“This is the new matcha,” says celebrity TV chef Nigella Lawson. “Who knows, I may be wrong, but in America it is being used more and more in cooking these days, especially in baking recipes.”

She might just be right. When she used avocado in her program, sales increased by thirty percent. The rise of the pandan leaf therefore seems only a matter of time. Pandan leaf comes from the screw palm and has been used in Indonesian cuisine for years. The vanilla-like flavor is an excellent natural sweetener. And more importantly: pandan is doing great on Instagram. We see the green color and the beautifully designed leaf more and more often on social media.

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