NewsThe best cocktail bars in Amsterdam serving pandan liqueur

Looking for a cocktail bar in Amsterdam? Then you’ve come to the right place! The capital has more than enough choice when it comes to cocktail bars. We have listed the best Amsterdam bars of the moment especially for you.

Tales & Spirits
Tales & Spirits is popular among the people of Amsterdam themselves. The bar looks great and refers to the prohibition era of the last century. The guest is nicely received by the host and the bartenders prepare several cocktails at the same time, while they cheerfully chat with the guests at the bar. At Tales & Spirits, dining is shared, with small snacks and is excellently combined with cocktails.
Website Tales & Spirits

Door 74
Hidden in a busy nightlife street in Amsterdam, you walk to house number 74, where your coat is politely accepted upon entry and old jazz music can be heard from the bar. When the door closes again, you immediately find yourself in the dark world of Door 74. Where stylishly dressed bartenders welcome you and accept your choice of cocktail. Except for the cocktail of the day, most cocktails are classic. Anyone who is out on an eventful evening can sit at the bar and be entertained by the cheerful bar staff.
Website Door 74

Flying Dutchmen Cocktails
When the best female bartender in the world Tess Posthumus opens a cocktail bar together with the best bartender in the country Timo Janse, a new bar is created called Flying Dutchmen Cocktails! Now voted the best new cocktail bar in the Netherlands. With FDC, Posthumus and Janse want to return to the basics of cocktails: the classics. An accessible bar that you can walk into. Where you can order a beer, where you can order your first cocktail, but where you, as a connoisseur, really get the best you hoped for. Fancy a special cocktail? Then ask them to make one with Bandoeng’22 Pandan Liqueur!
Website Flying Dutchmen Cocktails

Pulitzer’s Bar
A beautiful, chic bar on the canal in the center of Amsterdam, between the Negenstraatjes and the Westertoren. The interior is classy but playful, it is stylish without being stiff. The atmosphere is quiet and dark, but intimate. Here you can drink classic cocktails and signature cocktails from the bartenders of Pulitzer’s. The signatures are real signatures: striking creations, with their own (wise) character. The classics are of good quality and the bar snacks are excellent. After the summer, Pulitzer’s Bar will launch a new menu, we have been promised that they will include our Bandoeng’22 Pandan Liqueur!
Pulitzer’s Bar website

Mr. Porter
Located on the top floor of the W Hotel you will find Mr Porter. The cocktails here are of a particularly high standard. Mr Porter is run by the Entourage Group, which is a guarantee of international quality. Therefore, do not expect Dutch bartenders, but professionals flown in. At Mr Porter it’s all about seeing and being seen… The atmosphere is sexy and the bar has a modern design. Only the view reveals that you are not in London or New York, but next to the Royal Palace on Dam Square.
Website Mr. Porter

Bar Feijoa
Known as the bar for bartenders. Cocktail bar Feijoa is a casual bar with gentlemen who know what they are doing, whether it concerns simple cocktails or complicated classics. The bartenders at the bar at the intersection of Vijzelstraat and Reguliersdwarsstrat in Amsterdam serve delicious cocktails in a bar where you can relax and where you can see mixologists from other catering establishments walking in at the end of the evening. Bandung’22 is also on the Back bar at Feijoa. Ask for a cocktail with our Pandan liqueur!
Website Feijoa

Juniper & Kin
The cocktail bar Juniper & Kin is the hotel bar of QO Amsterdam in South. Here you can drink cocktails with fresh ingredients that were recently picked from the greenhouse. Combine your cocktails with the fresh snacks from the kitchen, which change every season. Classics are prepared here, with drinks from local entrepreneurs. The bar looks chic and its dark appearance makes it perfect for an intimate evening with a date or with your best friends for good conversations.
Juniper & Kin website

You will find restaurant Branie in the middle of Ten Katestraat. Here, Asian cuisine meets Amsterdam conviviality, in combination with very good cocktails. The Ten Katestraat is more vibrant than ever, because the Foodhallen are just around the corner. Who are you going to Branie with? Your best friends, to enjoy Asian food and combine it with perfectly matching cocktails. And the great thing is that at Branie they love pandan! There are several very good cocktails with this flavor, made with Bandoeng’22 Pandan Liqueur. And even some desserts are made with the increasingly popular leaves from Asia! In short, you can expect very good cocktails at Branie, as they are intended.
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