NewsThe best cocktail bars in Rotterdam serving pandan liqueur

Looking for a cocktail bar in Rotterdam? Then you’ve come to the right place! This city has more than enough choice when it comes to cocktail bars. We have listed the best Rotterdam bars of the moment.

Somewhere in the Scheepvaartkwarier you will find the practice of Dr. The staff walks around here in a doctor’s coat and you are only allowed in by appointment and with a patient number! Once inside, the treatment with cocktails can begin. Alberto, one of the best bartenders in the Netherlands, and his colleagues provide a true cocktail experience. Phone use is prohibited, it is super fun and the cocktails are of high quality! Ask for a cocktail with Bandung’22 Pandan Liqueur! They prefer to keep the address secret. Reservations are mandatory and can only be made via the website.
Website Dr.

Noah’s mixologists know how to make a cocktail and have already won many awards. The gentlemen behind the bar think carefully about their creations and have the right skills to make excellent cocktails. It’s super fun and there’s a big party on weekends. The fact that this bar was chosen as the favorite bar in the country by Dutch bartenders says more than enough.
Website Noah

NY Basement at Hotel New York
You can also drink quite legendary cocktails at one of the most legendary locations in the city ‘Kop van Zuid’. This cocktail bar is perfect for if you have a larger group and still want to drink cocktails intimately. The atmosphere exudes nostalgia, luxury with a touch of jazz. In this bar you choose the cocktails from the menu and order some bites. Dining is also possible, but hanging at the bar is a pure pleasure here. Fancy a special cocktail? Then ask them to make one with Bandung’22 Pandan Liqueur!
NY Basement website

George Cocktail Bar
You wouldn’t expect a cocktail bar on the Lijnbaan, but it is there. Hidden above Scharrels & Schuim you will find a bar that serves you delicious cocktails. The bartenders always make it a party. Early in the evening you can enjoy chicken from the restaurant accompanied by a cocktail and when it gets darker later in the evening, the party starts!
Website George Cocktail Bar

In a side street of the Witte de Withstraat you will find bar Spikizi. The name is a reference to cocktail bars in America in the 1920s and 1930s. You can go to this cocktail bar for all types of cocktails, music and parties. Once a month the gentlemen of Spikizi organize a silent disco. At Spikizi, the gentlemen want to entertain their guests in a homely atmosphere with service and a pleasant conversation with a nice range of drinks and cocktails (ask for a cocktail with Bandung’22 Pandan Liqueur).
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