NewsBandoeng’22 visiting Westcoast United States

America, here we come!

What do you do if your importer tells you your spirit is highly liked by his customers? Well, we want meet and help them selling our product even more.

BCB Brooklyn
Last year we got Bandoeng’22 FDA approved, and our importer started to sell the liqueur to his distributors. We also went to the Bar Convent Brooklyn and noticed that bartenders are gradually becoming familiar with the pandan flavor. The mixologists at the event came from all over North America and were very enthusiastic about our liqueur.

This year we made some plans to visit the states and connect with the good people of Pacific Edge Wine & Spirits. And this month (probably while reading this article) we are going to Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, to meet the sales team and many bartenders interested in Bandoeng’22.

Pacific Edge
Pacific Edge Wine and Spirits, founded in 2002, is a wholesale distribution company in California. They specialize in craft, handcrafted products along with assortments of specialty spirits and wine products from around the world. Pacific Edge is active in states like California, Nevada, Arizona and Washington.

Cocktails and Asian cuisine
Our importer is Duggan’s Distillers and advised us to visit the Westcoast first, starting with California and Washington state. All three cities have a well-established cocktail bar-scene and an appetited for Asian cuisine. In LA there are large Asian communities, you can find Indonesian, Filipino, Thai and many more. Maybe we have the change to meet representatives and entrepreneurs of some of those communities. See how they react on our European take on a typical Asian taste.

In upcoming posts, we will share our adventures and experiences from our trip to Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. So, to be continued.

Bandoeng’22 Pandan liqueur is an Award Winning Premium Liqueur, made in The Netherlands
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