NewsBandoeng’22 proud sponsor of the Dutch Bartenders Association

We support the bartenders

The Dutch Bartenders Club (NBC) is a leading association that focuses on promoting craftsmanship, knowledge sharing and networking within the bartending community in the Netherlands. Bandoeng’22 is proud to announce that we are this year one of the sponsors of the NBC.

The Dutch Bartenders Club has been the association of and for professional bartenders for almost 75 years. There are more than 200 bartenders and bars affiliated and it is the ideal place where mixologists can come together with like-minded colleagues from all over the country. NBC collaborates with beverage brands, hospitality institutions and other stakeholders in the international beverage industry, creating cross-border collaborations that benefit both the Dutch bartending community and the international industry as a whole.

At Bandoeng’22 we see the importance of educating, promoting, and networking within the bartenders community and hope to meet the members at many competitions, events and meetings.

If you want to know more about the NBC, visit (Dutch)

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