NewsTrends in cocktail bars: Pandan, Food Pairing, Sustainable and alcohol-free.

Looking for inspiration for new cocktails? In recent years, the cocktail has become an indispensable part of the menu in the European and Dutch catering industry. Classic and modern cocktails are on the menu not only in specialized cocktail bars, but also in restaurants and ‘normal’ bars.

According to hotel and restaurant chain Kimpton, pairings of food and cocktails will become increasingly important. Cocktails based on savory ingredients such as broths are increasingly used to accompany a course. The kitchen and the cocktail bar often visit each other.

The plastic straw will soon disappear and cocktails increasingly contain sustainable ingredients. Sustainable cocktail bars have existed in London and New York for a long time. Bartenders are looking for alternatives to the classic ingredients.

The English distillery Seedlip has already developed gin substitutes without alcohol. This fits in perfectly with the trend that consumers demand experience, taste and quality, but are also consciously concerned with their health. Also commercially interesting, because it suddenly turns the cocktail into an all-day drink. The first completely alcohol-free cocktail bar opened its doors in New York.

Cocktail bars draw some of their power from surprising ingredients. In Asian cuisine, for example, they use Pandan leaves as a seasoning. The sweet vanilla-like flavor is wonderful to use in desserts and other baked goods. Recently we have seen various cocktail bars making their own Pandan syrup and using the recognizable leaves as a garnish for the cocktail.

With the arrival of Bandoeng’22 Pandan Liqueur, the use of Pandan in cocktail bars is being fully stimulated. Bandoeng’22 is the world’s first liqueur with pandan. The pandan liqueur can be used to make innovative cocktails, which are ideal for combining with Asian-inspired dishes.

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