NewsBandoeng’22 available on Cyprus

During our participation at Bar Convent Berlin (BCB) last October, we met Christos Sophocleous, Commercial Manager of Hartziotis Trading Co Ltd, Cyprus. Christos was surprised with the flavor profile of Bandoeng’22 and immediately a big fan of the Pandan Slush that we served.  He told us about the cocktail bars in Cyprus and the persistent curiosity of their bartenders for new flavors.

Cyprus being the third largest island in the Mediterranean, is at the crossroad of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Therefore, Asian vanilla (Pandan) is certainly a flavor mixologist like to work with. After the BCB we stayed in contact with Christos, and we are happy to announce that Bandoeng’22 is now available in Cyprus via Hartziotis Trading!

Lively business centers and peaceful villages. Traditional values and cosmopolitan lifestyle combined with beautiful beaches, productive valleys, and snowy mountains. Cyprus is a land of contrasts with many faces, and she has a well-developed on-trade (Horeca) scene for making exquisite cocktails.

Hartziotis Trading Co Ltd
Hartziotis Trading was founded in 1983 and exclusively represents reputable brands that have become popular in tourist and local markets, with a focus on the retail sector.

The company’s client base includes all major chains of supermarkets and many other medium and small size retail outlets throughout Cyprus. Hartziotis has also a very strong presence in the touristic areas of the island, and the company sells and markets its wines, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages to bars, restaurants, coffee shops, specialized wine shops and hotels.

If you are interested in buying our Bandoeng’22 in Cyprus, please contact Hartziotis via their website. Click here…

Bandoeng’22 Pandan liqueur is an Award Winning Premium Liqueur, made in The Netherlands
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