CocktailsNewsThe Jungle Juice by Johannes Scheidemann

How to impress your guests

We recently came in contact with Martin Wolf from Frederick’s, a restaurant and bar in the hart of Berlin, Germany. Martin introduced our liqueur to Frederick’s barteam where barmanager Johannes (Joe) Scheidemann created a lovly drink which he called Jungle Juice. The cocktail consists of Bandoeng’22, Cachaça and lime which he then milk clarify at the end. This amazing drink is a part of Frederick’s new bar menu. Nice detail; Every cocktail on their menu is linked to a QR-code that will send the guests on an immersive visual journey through the world of their drinks.


Method of preparation
Put every ingredient in a mixing glass and blend it together. Then clarify the cocktail using Milk clarification methode*.

*) In this method, we mix different liquids that when mixed with milk has a tendency to curdle. Such as citrus (like lime). Once the milk is added, the drinks separate into curds, leaving the whey protein in the drink. Those curds will filter the cocktail, pulling out any heavy particles – in which the colour of a liquid is usually held. When filtered out through something such as muslin cloth or coffee filters. The curds stay behind holding on to the heavy particles and what you are left with is a clear clarified liquid. On top of this, it gives the liquid a super velvety mouth-feel.


Joe Scheidemann, barmanager at Frederick’s, Berlin, Germany.

Bandoeng’22 Pandan liqueur is an Award Winning Premium Liqueur, made in The Netherlands
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