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Classic with an Asian Twist

A few weeks ago we asked Thijn Koning, Lead bartender at Rooftop restaurant 16th in Schiedam, The Netherlands to make us a cocktail with Gin 1689 and Bandoeng’22. Last week we visited Thijn, curious to see with what he came up with. And -as we expected – a delicious cocktail was served which he named ‘The Schiedam Statement’.

The Last Word
The Schiedam Statement cocktail is a variation on the classic drink called ‘The Last Word’. Which is a gin-based cocktail originated at the Detroit Athletic Club in the 1910s, shortly before the start of Prohibition. After a long period of obscurity, it enjoyed renewed popularity in the early 2000s when it was introduced in Seattle. This cocktail is traditionally made with equal parts gin, Green Chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, and lime juice.

Gin 1689
Is a premium Dutch gin and a friend of the Bandoeng’22 team. The brand is named after the year in which William of Orange, King of the Netherlands, ascended the throne. Like our liqueur this gin is also a tribute to Dutch heritage and craftsmanship. It has a refreshing taste with notes of juniper, coriander, citrus and herbs. For more information about Gin 1689 visit their website here.

About Thijn Koning
Thijn studied at the European Bartender School in Madrid and is now the leading bartender at Rooftop restaurant 16th at Van der Valk Hotel in Schiedam, The Netherlands. This site gives a great view over Schiedam, Rotterdam and Delft. His passion is to create food pairing cocktails and we certainly can advise you to book a cocktail & food menu here to indulge your taste buds! For more information about Rooftop 16th visit their website here.


Methode of preparation
Like the Last Word, Thijn uses equal parts of gin, Bandoeng’22, jenever and lime juice. He shakes all ingredients, with a view drops of Foamee and strains it into the glass. The glass was first sprayed with some absinth. As garnishment a lime peel is used. This results in a beautiful, well-balanced cocktail you can enjoy as an aperitive or with some oriental bites.

30 ml (1.01 oz) Gin 1689
20 ml (0.68 oz) Bandoeng’22
20 ml (0.68 oz) Sau Jenever
20 ml (0.68 oz) Lime juice
10 ml (0.34 oz) Simple syrup
Foamee 1 a 2 drops
Absinth rinse
Garnish: Lime rose

Thijn Koning, Lead bartender at Rooftop restaurant 16th, Schiedam, The Netherlands

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