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Panna cotta is originally an Italian dessert, made from boiled cream. Wholesaler HANOS developed a panna cotta variation with our pandan liqueur especially for Bandoeng’22. There are many ways to make panna cotta. HANOS has Debic Panna Cotta in its range, a liquid base for making authentic Italian desserts quickly and easily in the hospitality...


As a coffee suggestion during the holidays, wholesaler HANOS has developed a delicious cafe latte with Bandoeng’22 Pandan Liqueur for you. This delicious luxury coffee variety is easy to make and has a very festive look. Ideal for spoiling your guests! The variation below was presented in the December issue of the HANOS Magazine. Pandan...

Bandoeng’22 Pandan liqueur is an Award Winning Premium Liqueur, made in The Netherlands
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